Sunday, March 11, 2007

Asus Presents W7M Laptop

Asus finishes announcing W7J, a target-colored PC pure of the notebook of 13,3 inches. It comes in a chapel of 315 from x 226,5 xs from 36.99m m that weighs 1.95kg, the machine is driven by a processor of the T7200 pair (2.0GHz) of the base of Intel, nVidia GeForce goes motor of 7400 graphs, and until 1GB of the central memory, and 160GB of the hard impulsion of 5,400rpm SATA. The users who wish the portable computer of high-mobility would love the proportionate WiFI and the Bluetooth 2,0 options of the connectivity. Other characteristics include a module integrated of webcam of 1,3 megapixel, one hornilla Wonderful of DVD, and the operating system superior caretaker installed previously of Windows Vista Edition.

No words in the appraisal and the availability.

Acer Aspire AS3680-2022 Laptop

Appraised in $499.99 (BestBuy), Acer inhales AS3680-2022 is 14,1 inches widescreen the loaded portable computer with the operating system sent again of Vista Windows (basic edition). Weight between 4,5 pounds and 6 pounds, is driven close by a processor of Intel Celeron M 420 (1.66GHz), 512MB of SPUR DDR2, an accelerator of means of the graphs of Intel (GMA) motor of 950 graphs, and 80GB of the hard impulsion. In addition, the notebook equips of an impulsion DVD/CD-RW stand for casks, an audio motor of high resolution integrated of Intel, and several options of the connectivity, including WiFI, modem 56K, and the LAN of Ethernet. Other characteristics include three ports of the USB, the groove of PCMCIA, a card reader of 5 means in-1, exit of VGA, and the port of S-Video.

HP Pavilion tx1000z Laptop

Recently during exhibition 2007 of CES, the portable computer of the series of the Pavilion tx1000 of the HORSEPOWER is ready now for the purchase, directly in the Web site of the company. The first model in this series is notebook of the Pavilion tx1000z. Being sold to by minor for $1,299, this machine amuses the 12,1 inches (1280×800) widescreen the exhibition, a processor x2 (1.6GHz) of AMD Turion 64 (increaseable until 2GHz), until 2GB of the central memory, 200GB of the hard impulsion of 4,200rpm SATA or until 160GB of the impulsion 5,400rpm lasts, nVidia GeForce goes motor of 6150 graphs, and one hornilla of DVD. The other variant with the exhibition of touchscreen is also available for $1.425. As far as options of the connectivity, the portable computer of the Pavilion tx1000z comes with the LAN without threads, the LAN of Ethernet of the gigabit, an integrated modem 56K, and an optional Bluetooth. Other characteristics include three ports of the USB, groove of VGA-out, of TV-towards outside, of ExpressCard, and an optional reader and webcam of the fingerprint. Weight 4.2lbs, this machine load with the OS of Vista Windows (to house prize, Busines, or last edition).


Friday, March 2, 2007

Lenovo ThinkPad Premium Edition Laptop

The China Computer Manufacture Lenovo recently launched ThinkPad Premium Edition laptop in Korea market. However, the specs aren’t quite “premium” though (incase you expect some top-of-the-notch ingredients) as it comes with an Intel Core 2 Duo T7600 processor, a 256MB ATI M66GL graphics engine, a 160GB of 5,400rpm hard drive, and a 14.1-inch LCD display with 1,400×1,050 (SXGA+) resolution. And yes, the notebook is Vista-ready as well.

Lenovo ThinkPad Premium Edition laptop will hit the store in March 1 with a price tag of 3,998,500 (KRW).


Sunday, February 4, 2007

Valentine Gift from Sony: Pink VAIO VGN-C290 Laptop

Another choice of Valentine’s gift for your gadget-loving girlfriend… a pink-colored VAIO VGN-C290 laptop from Sony. Powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor (up to 2.33GHz T7600 supported), the notebook offers an energy-saving 13.1-inch widescreen LCD display with XBRITE-ECO technology, a 5,400rpm SATA hard drive (up to 160GB), a 1GB to 2GB of main memory, WiFI connectivity, an extended battery life, and an optional DVD burner. For the OS, you can choose between Vista Business or Home Premium Edition. Moreover, if the Merom processor is too fast for your budget, you can opt-in for a Celeron M440 or Core Duo T2060 instead.

Along with Blush Pink, Sony VGN-C290 laptop is also available in the following flavours: Espresso Black, Glacier Blue, Seashell Silver, Spring Green, and Urban Gray.

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Sony finishes announcing that one of its product of UMPC, VAIO UX1, will make its principle in United Kingdom in a moment. With the price of street considered of $2,500 (or GBP 1,300), the movable extreme computer offers an exhibition of touchscreen of 4,5 inches, 32GB of the memory of sparkle, the processors of a SPUR 1GB, and Intel a ULV (Ultralow voltage). Also it has an integrated dual module of the camera, three ports of the USB, the ports of System of weights American-Towards outside and VGA, iLINK, and a practical design of the qwerty keyboard that slips.
In addition, the users can use the device in picture or the direction of the screen of the landscape.


Asus U1F Laptop With LED Backlight Technology

If you glide to visit demonstration 2007 of CeBIT in Hannover, Germany advanced more in march, safe being to write the portable computer of Asus U1F in your list of verification. Not without a reason, because Asus U1F is the first notebook that offers the exhibition of TFT LCD with the illumination of the bottom of the LED. Incorporating technology of the backlighting of the LED, the screen will take less consumption from energy and able to exhibit more realistic colors, with thinner design it uniforms yet.

In the department of espec., the portable computer of Asus U1F equips of the processors of the pair a ULV (Ultralow voltage) of the base of Intel, operating system of Vista Windows, and to they widescreen the exhibition with the resolution 1360×768. Weight 2,2 pounds, he has a layer piano-black, edges of a steel and a rest of the hand covered with leather.

No words in the appraisal and the availability at the moment.